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Cómo llegar del aeropuerto de Ciampino a Roma

Ciampino airport (code CIA), also known asGiovanni Battista Pastine, is the smallest and oldest in Rome. It is located 15 km from the city, in the town of Ciampino, which has 38,000 inhabitants. It is the airport of reference for the majority of Low Cost airlines (Ryan Air, Easy-Jet...), resulting in a notable increase in air traffic in the last few years. The official website

Ubicación del aeropuerto de Ciampino

The small size of Ciampino airport makes it comfortable and manageable. Also, it is quite easy and cheap to get to the city. Below we explain the different options. At the end, there is a summary table..

OPTION 1. The cheapest

Autobús Cotral Ciampino-Roma

COTRAL - Schiaffini bus


These buses go to Anagnina, station, the last on the Metro line A, next to the G.R.A(Grande Raccordo Anulare). It stops various times on the way.

The ticket costs1,20 € and you can buy it from the driver. You will usually have to pay for a supplementary ticket if you take a large suitcase.

The approximate time toAnagnina is 20 minutes The buses leave at a fixed time, at 40 minute intervals. You can consult the timetable on the schiaffini and Cotral.

One advantage of getting on the Metro in Anagnina is that it will be nearly empty and you will be able to sit down.

Parada autobús Cotral en Ciampino

How to find the bus stop at the airport

The buses stop at the bus shelter marked with a nº 1 (see photo), which you will easily find at the terminal exit. There is a sign with the timetable so that you can see how long you will have to wait.

How to find the bus stop in Anagnina

If you make the journey in the opposite direction, from Rome to Ciampino, from the Metro you will go out into a patio with one gallery on the left and another on the right. Take the one on the left and go up the first set of steps which you see on the right. You will come out just at the bus shelter for the bus to Ciampino.

OUR ADVICE:   This is the cheapest option of all, and is quite comfortable and easy. The main disadvantage is the low frequency of the buses: you will easily have to wait half an hour. If you are going to the airport in Rome, be very careful with the timetables: calculate 30 min from Termini to Anagnina, plus waiting time, plus 20-30 min travelling time. You will need to leave 2 hours in advance to avoid stress.

OPTION 2. The simplest

Autobús de Terravisión



These buses are direct, without stops, to Termini Station in the centre of the city, the best connected place in Rome. The journey takes about 40 minutes and costs 4 €, including luggage.

Since cutting their prices by half, Terravisión has become one of the best options. The bus departures are co-ordinated with flight arrivals. You just have to wait for the bus to fill up with passengers from the latest flight.

You can buy the ticket on the bus, but you will save money if you book online on the Terravisión website . You can click on this banner:

Ciampino Airport Transfer
Parada de Terravisión en Termini

Theairport stop is on the left, as you come out of the terminal. It is easily identifiable by the Terravisión bus which will be waiting.

TheTermini stop is on the right of the station, in Via Marsala n. 29 F/G, opposite Terracafè (see photo)

SIT Shuttle Bus


This is the direct competitor of Terravisión. The buses cover the same route but are more expensive:6,00 € single and 8,00 € The rest of the conditions are similar. More information

OUR ADVICE:   a direct bus to Termini is a comfortable and fast option. If you have a lot of luggage, you won't have to pay a supplement, in which case the price is not that different from option 1. If your hotel is in the Termini area, Terravisión is definitely your best option. You could save up to an hour.

OPTION 3. By train

Tren Ciampino-Roma

Train from Ciampino town


Unlike Fiumicino, there is no direct train to Ciampino airport, but there is a bus which links the airport with the Train Station of Ciampino town.

The Cotral - Schiaffini buses leave approximately every 40 minutes. The journey takes 5 minutes and costs1,20 € (plus supplementary ticket for a large suitcase). For the exact timetable, see the Schiaffini or de Cotral websites.

Once at the station, you should take a train to Termini, which costs 1,30 €. The trains are every 10-20 minutes and the journey takes15 minutes. To find out the exact timetable all you have to do is put "Ciampino" and "Rome" in the box our trains section we explain how to use this tool.

OUR ADVICE: this is the most complicated option for the inexperienced user, but is quite quick. For the journey from Rome to the airport you can calculate the journey exactly, given that both the trains and buses have fixed timetables. It can save you a lot of time. Recommended for the frequent traveller.

OPTION 4. By taxi

Taxi desde Ciampino a Roma


The trip from Ciampino airport to any point in Rome costs 30.00 €, the same as the opposite direction, Rome-Ciampino. This is valid for a maximum of4 people with luggage the equivalent of two large suitcases and destinations within the Aurelian Walls (see map).

This fare is well advertised on signs in the airport, but before getting in, it wouldn't be a bad idea just to check with the driver that this is the price, to avoid any surprises.

For destinations outside the walls, it is a good idea to negotiate a fixed price with the driver, which also includes baggage handling. If not, they will charge you the fare shown on the metre plus an extra for your luggage.

Illegal taxis. You should be careful with anyone who offers you transport in the airport. They are always illegal taxis (official taxis are not allowed to do it) and they charge more. The taxis in Rome are always white with the sign TAXI on the roof and the licence number clearly visible on the sides, next to the city coat of arms.

More information about taxis in Rome in our corresponding section.

SUMMARY table of the different options

In this table you can see at a glance the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Thejourney times are calculated for the route: airport-Termini. The calculation includes the average waiting time. For journeys back to the airport, you should allow more time.

  option price time Observations
1 Cotral bus + Metro from Anagnina 1,20 €
1,00 €
1 h. 20' The cheapest and is easy to use. Buses are every 40 min. It can sometimes take two hours to get to your destination.
2 Terravisión bus
direct to Termini
4,00 € 55' The most comfortable. Your best option if your hotel is in the Termini area.
3 bus + train (one way) 1,20 €
1,30 €
55' The most complicated but quite quick.
3' train + bus (return) 1,30 €
1,20 €
30' Easier to calculate the journey time back to the airport: train times are exact.
4 Taxi 30,00 € 40' Maximum 4 people. You can arrive in 20 minutes if there isnmint much traffic.

A bit of Italian

A bit of basic Italian will help you to better understand the instructions and conditions of the journey which you find online.


Partenze DA Roma Termini
Departs FROM Rome Termini

Andata e ritorno

Il bigglietto costa € 1,00 e si acquista sul bus
The ticket costs 1.00 € and you can buy it on the bus

DALLA fermata dell'aeroporto FINO AD Anagnina
FROM the airport stop TO Anagnina

DA DOVE vuoi partire?
Where do you want to go FROM?

Dove vuoi arrivare?
Where do you want to go to?

Quando vuoi partire / tornare?
When do you want to leave / return?

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